BioDME 2nd Generation Biofuel

Biobased Dimethyl Ether

DME Fuel Properties


                BioDME is a fuel which is naturally in the gas phase.  Its boiling point is -23.6 °C, making it a gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.  Visually, DME is a colorless gas and clear at liquid phase.  Because DME is a gas at room temperatures, its transportation is dependent on cooling and pressurization.  However, the accepted practice of DME storage is at a pressure of 5 bar.  In regards to ignition, DME burns similarly to natural gas while being almost completely environmentally neutral.  When burned, it produces no greenhouse gases such as NOx and SOx.  It burns completely free of particulate matter and smoke.  Additionally, it causes no ozone depletion or negative impacts if leaked.  



dimethyl ether, DME

Molecular formula


CAS number



Colorless gas

Molecular weight

46.07 g/mol


1.97 g/L gas


668 kg/m3 liquid

Gas specific gravity


Ignition Temperature

350 °C

Melting point

-138.5 °C

Boiling point

-23.6 °C

Cetane rating*


*Cetane rating refers to the numeric representation of a fuel’s ignition delay.  This is the time between the start of injection and the initial pressure increase due to combustion.  The higher the cetane number, the more efficiently the fuel ignites.  Diesel has a cetane rating of roughly 40.               











Another biofuel which is close to commercialization is biobutanol