BioDME 2nd Generation Biofuel

Biobased Dimethyl Ether



What is bio DME?

               Bio DME, or biobased dimethyl ether, is an energy containing molecule that is condensation of two biomethanol molecules. It consists of hydrogen and carbon monoxide molecules derived from methanol processing. In order to obtain the DME, pure methanol is processed by catalytic dehydration, which combines two methanol molecules by removing a water molecule. The methanol is generally obtained from biomass, coal, or natural gas. In certain cases, methanol can be formed from pyrolysis gases generated from garbage or waste. Currently, DME is used as a petroleum gas substitute and also as a propellant in aerosol cans but it has potential as a fuel alternative for diesel engines.  

                 With increasing demands for stable energy sources, natural gas and petroleum based products are quickly becoming scarce.  To further complicate the situation, investigation of the environmental effects of these fuels has revealed the substantial damage which has occurred.  However, the fact remains that commercial transportation vehicles must be in operation in order to sustain the economy of the world.  Development of bioDME has yielded a plausible alternative which would effectively address these concerns. 

                 BioDME is a common aerosol propellant in the domestic personal care industry.  However, recent advances have made DME a prime candidate as an alternative fuel.  Beyond its use as a propellant, DME has been confirmed as a safe fuel for vehicles as well as a source of power production and domestic gas replacement.  Due to the raw material utilized for bioDME production, its use does not release sulfur oxides, mercury, or nitrous oxides.  This is especially important when considering that conventional fuels, including diesel, release immense amounts of air pollutants, greenhouse gases and acid rain producers.  This trait is widely sought after in today’s society in attempt to reduce pollution.

                DME fuel is also known as blue fuel or Prozone and is sold as compressed gas. 

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